About Chair Advice

And Why Chair Reviews?

Are you curious about Chair Advice and how our site got started? Well, it's a funny story as I had no idea or intention about doing a site about chairs.

In the great intensity of a major life transition in 2011, I found myself in need of a new work project. Sometimes I find it helpful to take my mind off of my troubles by focusing on something new!

I have a number of other websites which keep me quite busy, but somehow began to enjoy the thought of doing a simple site about a very humble topic, one that we all take for granted, until our back starts to hurt!

For many of us, chairs are the silent witnesses to all of life's dramas. Think of all the major life events that chairs are a part of.

The stress of waiting for a job interview, in the not-so comfortable office chair ...

The tender blessing of holding your new baby in your Mom's anique rocker ...

The dread of sitting in the comfortable, but very stressful dentist chair!

The comfort, or maybe stress, or both (!) of sitting down to dinner with your family at the holidays.

Good chair reviews aren't actually that easy to find, and I thought that we could help you to find a better and simpler way to sit comfortably and to be as healthy as possible in today's stressful world.

This site is somewhat therapeutic for me as I have chronic back challenges myself and it is helpful for me to learn more about simple ways I can feel better!

I hope that you will enjoy your visit here and find something of value for your daily life.


About Chair Advice

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