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The Aeron office chair, made and marketed by Herman Miller, has long been on of the top choices in the world of ergonomic office chairs. What makes the chair so special? Herman Miller's commitment to green business and healthy designs make them an attractive manufacturer to buy from in any case, but there are a few features that make the Aeron chair extra special. Let's take a look at the Aeron's unique design features and get down to what really makes this such a popular chair.

Unique Aeron Chair Features

To understand what makes the Aeron unique, you need to look first at its design features. There are a number of different designs within the Aeron range, but they all follow the same basic pattern. When you first see one, you'll no doubt notice the wide top of the backrest - the chair gets broader further up the back, mimicking the shape of the human torso.

The PostureFit design element is one of the innovations that has made the Aeron such a success. This is a V-shaped feature that straddles the backrest of all Aeron chairs. Its purpose it to push your spine forward so that you sit with a natural curve in your spine. When you sit in a normal chair, you have a tendency to curve your spine forward - this is what puts extra pressure on your lower back, which can lead to muscle strains or problems with spinal discs.

The materials that go into producing an Aeron office chair are also significant. One of the first things you'll notice when you see an Aeron is the lack of cushions. At first the chair looks pretty solid and uncomfortable, but in fact the material is designed to contour to your body. It shapes itself to you as you sit on it, making sitting in an Aeron a true personalized experience. Every body is different, and that's reflected in the design of the Aeron.

But there's another cool feature of the Aeron design. The material isn't just meant to relieve pressure within your body and make sitting more comfortable - it also allows for the release of heat. So sitting in an Aeron chair can actually keep you cooler as you work.

Downsides of the Aeron Chair

Now, despite all the huge benefits of this Herman Miller office chair, it does have a few weaknesses. We're here to give you the good and the bad, so let's now turn to some of the not so good aspects of the Aeron.

One is price - a new Aeron office chair isn't cheap. A new Aeron can cost upwards of $800 - however, there is something of a hidden upside here. Because Aeron chairs are quite customizable, you can lower the price of your chair by only only the bare minimum features. You can pick and choose which features you want, have those added to the basic model, and only pay for the features you really want. This saves you from dropping $1000 or more on a fancy chairs with features and functions you're not even likely to use.

It's hard to isolate any other major downsides with the Aeron office chair, although some people who want to get an ergonomic chair find that the Aeron simply looks too 'normal.' In other words, it doesn't take advantage of some of the more quirky designs that have developed in the field of ergonomics. But that doesn't mean it's not effective. The Aeron is intended to incorporate useful ergonomic features into a chair that looks like a normal office chair.

Also, because the Aeron is a fairly lightweight design, it may not be particularly well-suited to larger people who need some extra heavy duty support.

More About Herman Miller

Of course, it's important to learn not just about the product you're thinking of buying, but also the company manufacturing the product. Herman Miller is one of a handful of furniture producers committed to socially responsible business, clean manufacturing and constant innovation. They get our thumbs up as a company serving consumers who care about how the products they buy are sourced, produced and recycled.

One of the other features of the Aeron chair not mentioned above is the fact that the materials used in it are almost completely recyclable. Herman Miller decided that if they were going to produce products designed to make life easier and healthier, there was little point in creating products that would eventually end up as a heap of metal and plastic at a garbage dump. That's what led to a product - the Aeron - which is made of more than 90% recyclable materials.

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