Finding The Best Lift Chair

How to Make the Right Choice

Searching for the best lift chair available? The information here will help you find a lift chair that works for your back and your budget. Once you've read through our reviews and articles, you'll feel confident you're making the right investment when it comes time to hand over your hard-earned money for a lift chair.

What Is a Lift Chair?

A lift chair is simply an armchair which elevates by remote control in order to take you from a sitting to a standing position without putting too much strain on your back. The chair also works in reverse, helping you go from standing to sitting slowly and without impact so you don't aggravate an existing spinal injury.

Find the Best Lift Chair: Recliner Lift Chair Tips

Because a lift chair is such a big purchase (with many models running up to $2000 and above) you need to carefully examine a number of factors before you make a firm buying decision.

For starters, you want to go with a trusted brand if possible. Because there's a lot of complex mechanics inside a lift chair, buying from an unknown provider could mean compromising on quality and increasing the risk that your chair will break in a short time frame.

Regardless of what brand you go for and whether you buy online or off, you want to get a chair with a decent warranty - the longer the better. This is a good rule of thumb when buying any big-ticket furniture item or home appliance. The best providers will be willing to stand by the quality of their goods by offering a warranty or money back guarantee of some sort.

Price, of course, will also be a big factor. As mentioned above, many new high-end lift chairs carry price tags of over $2000, but more basic models can be bought for under $200. Why such a difference in price? Much of the difference comes down to the technology each chair uses and its range of functions and features.

A few other factors you might want to consider are environmental friendliness and the production practices of the company you're buying from. By only supporting socially responsible chair makers you're helping to guarantee a brighter and healthier future for everyone.

Find the Best Lift Chair: Pride Lift Chairs

Pride is one of the most trusted brands in the lift chair market. Pride is a company which specialized in injury rehabilitation furniture and mobility scooters. Their mission as a company is to help physically disabled people carry on living their lives to the full extent without feeling disadvantaged.

Pride has not only been an innovator when it comes to designing high-tech lift chairs that provide maximum comfort and support for people with ongoing injuries - they've also put effort into the style and look of their products. Pride's 'Heritage Collection' is a line of high-end lift chairs for people who want a high-tech lift chair that looks good too, and who are willing to spend the money for it (Heritage Collection chairs don't come cheap).

Bear in mind though, price and brand are not the only factors to take into account when looking for the best lift chair. Even though a certain chair has a big name like Pride and a high price tag attached to it, the case may be that it simply doesn't 'work' well with your height or body shape. Getting a chair that is comfortable and suits your own unique needs is the most important thing.

Find the Best Lift Chair: Medical Lift Chairs

Medical lift chairs can be a convenient piece of furniture to make life easier when you're recovering from a long-term injury or dealing with an ongoing medical condition which reduces your mobility, such as arthritis.

When considering a medical lift chair, it's important to pick a piece of furniture which was designed with the kind of injury you're suffering from in mind. For instance, some lift chairs appeal to people suffering from arthritis - others include extra features to appeal to someone with obesity-related health issues. The nature of your problem will determine the medical lift chair you opt for.

Using a Chair Lift for Stairs

There's a slightly different variation on the lift chair that can be very useful for someone who has a health issue that has made going up and down stairs into a monumental challenge. A chair lift is simply a motorized chair that slides up and down a rail alongside your bannister. While these devices can be extremely expensive, they can make life much easier for a disabled person living in a big house.

With a large number of manufacturers in the market now, prices for chair lifts have been coming down steadily in recent years, but a good used chair lift will still cost around $1300 or more. Aside from the cost of the lift itself, though, you have to take into account the cost of installation. If you can find a lift you or someone you know can install easily rather than hiring a professional, this alone can save you hundreds of dollars.

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Best Lift Chair
Searching for the best lift chair available? The information here will help you find a lift chair that works for your back and your budget.

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