Coin Operated Massage Chair Tips

What You Need To Know

Looking into a coin operated massage chair as a business opportunity? In the right place, a massage chair can be an excellent way to generate some extra income.

However, if you don't do it right, it can easily end up being a poor financial move which ultimately loses you money. Use this page as a guide to help you decide if getting a coin operated chair is right for you, and if so, which model you ought to choose.

Thinking About Return on Investment

The first thing you ought to ask yourself is: how much am I likely to make from a massage chair, and in what time frame? You need to really sit down and look at the numbers here, because this will determine how much you can afford to spend on a chair. If you estimate a chair will bring in $500 a month, then spending $2000 on a unit isn't such a big deal - in fact, it's a pretty good investment. If it's only going to bring in about $50 a month, however, you'll want to stick to a low-priced chair or not bother at all.

If you're placing a chair in a mall, consider factors like how much foot traffic will be passing the chair each day. See if you can find average numbers for how many people stop and use a chair out of every 100 or 1000 who walk past one. If you're placing a massage chair in your own store or practice, consider how many of your customers are likely to actually use it - has anyone actually expressed a desire for one? Perhaps conduct a survey before you take the plunge and buy a chair. The more accurate your numbers are, the more likely you'll be to make the right decision and get a good return on your investment.

Don't forget to factor in repeat business. If you put a little extra money down and get a really luxurious coin operated massage chair, this could translate into people stopping by on a regular basis to use the chair. A cheap, low-quality chair, on the other hand, might not bring back many customers for a second massage.

Once you're certain a coin operated massage chair is a wise choice, you can start comparing some of the top brands and products. There are some good discount massage chairs out there if you're willing to be patient and hunt around.

Massagenius Vending Machine Chairs

One of the biggest names in coin operated massage chairs is Massagenius. With quality chairs in the $2000-3000 range, they can represent a good investment for a business or entrepreneur with a good location to place the chair. If you've seen massage chairs placed in airports, there's a good chance you were looking at a Massagenius chair. The chair runs for 3 minutes per dollar entered into it, and it can accept bills of any denomination from $1 through to $20.

Many people are disappointed by coin operated massage chairs because they only have a basic vibrating function, sometimes with a little heat thrown in too. The Massagenius is a little more advanced, with different functions to mimic different hand movements, as well as shiatsu settings.

High End Vending Massage Chairs

Massagenius chairs let you strike a good balance between affordability and quality, but there are much more advanced coin operated chairs available if you want to give customers something a little more luxurious. For example, many vending massage chairs also include ergonomic leg rests which massage the calves. This is the kind of extra touch that will get you those repeat customers.

Adding a Coin Box to a Standard Massage Chair

If you really want to go the extra mile (or save some money, as the case may be) you can simply buy a coin operation box which you can attach to a standard massage chair. These little units can be expensive - expect to pay around $1000 - but if you can get a good deal on a quality massage chair for under $1000 and you have the technical know-how to hook the box up to the chair yourself, this may end up being a clever option.

Buying on a Budget

As you search for the perfect chair, you're likely to come across models priced at around the $500 mark. Your immediate thought might be, why buy a $2000 chair when I can get one for $500? And that's a good question, but what you're likely to find is that these cheaper chairs are direct wholesale purchases from suppliers in China. You may have to order more than one to qualify for that pricing, or the quality may not be too good.

Always take warranty promises into account, and consider how useful a warranty really is if you're dealing with a no-name wholesaler in China. You don't want to buy a cheap chair only to have it break after six months and find the manufacturer suddenly asking for $1000 or more to repair it.

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