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Buying an ergonomic desk chair can help you avoid back problems while working, but you need to be selective. Not every ergonomic chair out there today provides real benefits for your back.

Some chairs are marketed well but in actual fact they have limited effects when it comes to making your workplace safer and more injury-free. In addition, you need to remember a desk chair is part of a unit - it needs to work well with your desk, otherwise you won't enjoy the full benefits. Read on to learn more about how to choose an ergonomic desk chair and what some of the most popular available models are.

Benefits of an Ergonomic Desk Chair

Regardless of what your use your desk for, an ergonomic chair can help reduce the strain on your back. Even young children and teenagers can develop early back problems if the chairs they're sitting on while playing computer games or doing homework don't provide adequate back support.

So while an ergonomic chair can benefit almost anyone, the specific benefits for you will be closely related to what you actually do at your desk. If you work from home, you'll experience the relief of not having a huge amount of pressure on your back (as you do in most chairs) and you may be more productive and creative as a result. This applies also to studying.

Don't forget, also, that ergonomic chairs can have emotional as well as physical benefits. By preventing pain and allowing you to sit more comfortably for long periods of time, your mood will be more positive overall. This positivity has knock-on effects in all other areas of your life.

Tips for Choosing a Chair

As already mentioned, the interplay between your desk and your chair will be an important factor in your buying decision. Take measurements of your desk if necessary before you start looking for a chair. Ideally you want your desk and chair to be in the right proportions to your own body so you're not leaning forward or back, slouching, or stuck with your knees up by your chest as you work. You should be able to sit and work in a posture where all your limbs are resting comfortably and there are no strains throughout your body.

Consider also what you'll be doing in the chair and what extra features that function might require. For example, if you want a chair for computer gaming, you might want to look for something specialized with a drink holder in the armrest and a lap-bar to rest a keyboard or joystick on.

If you're particularly tall, it may be wise to look for a heavy duty chair with a high back which will support your shoulders and upper body.

Top Brands to Check Out

Of course, it's always easier to make a purchasing decision when you know what the top brands and products in the market are - and why. So let's now look at some of the best brands of ergonomic desk chairs, their top products and what their strengths are.

Herman Miller is a long-running and highly trusted brand for ergonomic chairs. The company has a commitment to green manufacturing and puts massive amounts of time and money into research and development to produce chairs which are highly tailored to the human body. Amongst their wide array of product lines, the Aeron chair is the most popular. The chair includes an extremely high degree of adjustability, making it suitable for people of a range of different heights, and it also has a lumbar support pad which is perfect for people with lower back problems.

Neutral Posture is another top brand with a slightly different take on ergonomic design than Herman Miller. Herman Miller's chairs are quite lightweight, minimalist and don't usually including much cushioning. Neutral Posture's chairs, by contrast, generally have lots of cushioning. Their strengths are in their unusual shapes and designs which allow the body to easily sit in a more comfortable position without having to strain any muscle group. One of their most famous products is the N-Tune, which is a desk-chair combination which allows you to easily work either sitting or standing (the idea being that it's very unnatural for humans to sit for long periods anyway).

Humanscale is another popular brand. The name says it all, really - their products are designed to fit 'human scale.' They're made specifically to fit the bodies of everyday people, for the tasks everyday people engage in regularly. Humanscale is a particularly good one to look at if you need a chair for a very specialized purpose. They also offer a range of other ergonomic products, like keyboards, that will gel well with your new chair.

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