The Herman Miller Aeron Chair

A Detailed Look at World Leader in Ergonomics

The Herman Miller Aeron chair has long been seen as a kind of 'gold standard' in the world of ergonomic office chairs. The design has evolved and changed over the years, but the essentials of the Aeron have stayed the same.

Here we'll take a look at the story behind the Aeron chair, extra features available for the chair and why this is such a good choice of ergonomic chair for anyone who is concerned about environmentalism.

The Story of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair

The creation of the Aeron chair was a collaborative effort between designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick. Bill Stumpf has stated quite candidly that when he designs a product, he's doing it with his own comfort in mind - he makes a chair that he would want to sit on. This is rather an interesting starting principle for a chair that is now enjoyed by thousands of office workers all over the planet.

Of course, that's not the whole story - in order to come up with design ideas, Stumpf and Chadwick interviewed people in retirement homes, who spend most of their days in a chair and often have illnesses or back problems that require extra support. Through this process they discovered what was most lacking in a typical chair, and were able to come up with clever design concepts to solve those problems.

The other interesting point Stumpf has made about the design of the Aeron is that they wanted to create something with a visual 'Wow' factor. They focused on function first, designed model after model to test various features until each movable part worked perfectly. But after that, it was a matter of merging those functional features into an eye-pleasing chair that would make people want to sit on it - and the distinctive, wide-shouldered and slimline design of the Aeron was the result.

Another fascinating aspect of the story behind the Herman Miller Aeron chair is that massive amount of testing and research that went into making sure this product was as ergonomically sound as it possibly could be. Testing involved pressure mapping to see how someone's would would be distributed across different parts of the chairs. It's this testing and refining which has led to such a universally comfortable and healthy chair.

Extra Features for the Aeron Chair

One of the great things about the Herman Miller Aeron chair is the level of customization available to you when you buy one. This not only let you add extra features, it lets you subtract or avoid features you don't want in order to keep the price of your purchase down.

The accessories and extras that can be bought with the Aeron chair range from climate control devices through to special task lights. If you tend to work late at night, a personal light may be a worthwhile addition - Herman Miller supplies a range of high quality task light choices with an Aeron office chair purchase.

Also, many people don't realize there's actually a stool version of the Aeron chair available. It has the same back design as a normal Aeron, but it's simply higher off the ground. This is a great choice for a comfortable breakfast chair or it can be suitable for specialized work tasks that require you to deal with objects higher than standard desk level.

The Aeron Office Chair: Environmentally Friendly Ergonomics

If you're in the market for a new office chair and protecting and preserving the environment matters to you a great deal, the Aeron is one of the best choices available to you.

The chair is made almost entirely from recyclable materials. Herman Miller has embraced the concept of 'cradle to cradle design' - where those parts of a product which aren't biodegradable can be turned into something else later on. And this environmental friendliness isn't only of benefit to you for the sake of doing your part to make the world a better place - if you run a business, having a more environmentally friendly workplace can actually have positive financial effects.

If your workplace meets certain green standards, you can get the seal of approval from organizations like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - this certification lets your customers know you're dedicated to green business, and you can attract the growing market of green-conscious consumers as a result.

Herman Miller happens to be one of these companies itself: they've already set a goal to be totally carbon-neutral by 2020. Herman Miller has been an important trend-setter in this respect.

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Aeron Office Chair
The Aeron office chair, made and marketed by Herman Miller, has long been on of the top choices in the world of ergonomic office chairs.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair
The Herman Miller Aeron chair has long been seen as a kind of 'gold standard' in the world of ergonomic office chairs. Here we take a detailed look at this chair.

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