The Herman Miller Chair Company

Makers of the World Famous Aeron Chair

The Herman Miller chair company is a unique and innovative organization which has been creating new, stylish and healthy chair designs for decades. Herman Miller has been recognized by top business publications for its innovation and commitment to creating designs that really help people live more comfortably. Herman Miller's designs are used not only in offices throughout the world but also in schools and hospitals.

In fact, chances are you've already sat on a Herman Miller chair somewhere in your daily existence without even being aware it was a Herman Miller design.

A Unique Philosophy

But it's not just clever designs that make Herman Miller chairs unique. They have even gone as far as building an environmentally friendly design space and factory to minimize their impact on the environment (and they did it back in 1995, before most other companies were even thinking about the benefits of 'going green.')

Herman Miller has long been committed to the idea that having better material goods like furniture shouldn't mean sacrificing the environment. Instead, they look for ways to make life easier while preserving what's most important to us in our surroundings.

Let's take a closer look at the designs on offer from the Herman Miller chair company and what their greatest strengths are.

The Aeron Office Chair

Herman Miller is a company that prides itself on thinking outside the box, and that philosophy can be seen clearly in the design of the Aeron office chair.

The Aeron chair is one of Herman Miller's most famous creations. It looks almost like a futuristic version of a standard office chair. At first glance it has all the features of a regular office chair - a broad, spoked base with wheels on it, swiveling seat and high back. But there's more to the Aeron than meets the eye.

Amongst its unique features are its ergonomic design. The designers of the Aeron used the human body and its natural movements as their starting point. This allowed them to create a chair design which is extremely comfortable and includes features and parts designed to avoid common injuries and back problems related to sitting.

Like all Herman Miller's chairs, the Aeron is made of materials which are carefully selected based on how well they perform as part of the whole and how easy they are to recycle. This Herman Miller chair has achieved a recyclable score of 94% - in other words, 94% of the parts can be broken down and turned into something else in the future.

It's also highly adjustable to suit individual body types and it has dispensed with a few common chair features (such as foam cushions) in a way that actually increases comfort and back support.

All that adds up to a chair so beautiful and strange in its design, it has earned itself a permanent place in the Museum of Modern Art!

Herman Miller Office Chair Types

While the Herman Miller Aeron chair may be their most famous product, it's certainly not the only useful office chair choice they offer. They have a whole range of office chair ranges, with mysterious names such as Equa 2, Celle, Embody and Ambi.

Each of these chairs has its own features, designed with different types of people in mind - it's quite amazing how much thought the Herman Miller designers have put into different body types, postures and the way people sit in general.

Take the Embody, for example. The design was created to conform to the shape of the human spine in order to provide maximum support without forcing the body to bend into an unnatural shape. But that's not the only inspiration the Embody designers took from the human body - they went one step further. They covered the chair with a material designed to behave exactly like human skin - this is a complete new synthetic fabric Herman Miller spent thousands to develop.

Now, you may even think that sounds a little creepy - but when you feel the comfort difference, that will be the last thing on your mind.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

The story of Herman Miller's environmentally friendly manufacturing center is a fascinating one, and it demonstrates how the company's outside-the-box culture applies to everything they do.

When the building was constructed, employees were soon dismayed to find the walls had become infested with wasps. What do you think Herman Miller did about this problem? The standard response would be to try to kill off the wasps - but Herman Miller is not one for standard solutions. Instead, they began keeping honey bees in the grounds surrounding the manufacturing center. The bees drove away the wasps and now produce a unique honey which is put in jars and given to visitors to the plant as a gift.

Now how's that for thinking outside the box?

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Herman Miller Chairs
The Herman Miller chair company is a unique and innovative organization which has been creating new, stylish and healthy chair designs for decades.

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