The Herman Miller Office Chair Range

The Herman Miller office chair range includes a variety of fascinating designs. Herman Miller is dedicated to creating products that work with the human body, not against it - so how is it they've managed to come up with so many different office chairs?

The obvious answer, of course, is that different types of people have different body shapes, and the various designs Herman Miller have come up with reflect that. Also, the product range includes chairs with different features at different price points, to give you a greater choice of how much you want to spend to get the ergonomic features you really want. The Aeron Chair from Herman Miller is their most famous design, but let's take a look at some of their other products and what each one has to offer.

Embody Chairs

When you scan the Herman Miller office chair range, the Embody line is amongst the most pleasing to the eye. And when you look at it closely, you'll notice something interesting: not only is it designed to cater to the human form, its design elements actually reflect parts of the human body. The seat cover is designed to function like human skin, with the same elastic quality to make it bend and contour to a person's weight. The back of the chair itself looks (and acts) like a human spine.

But this is more than just clever visual imagery - there are very real benefits to these design features. The chair is designed to allow you to move as much as possible while sitting. Many of the problems we develop while sitting all day are the result of lack of movement - by allowing you to move more as you sit, the Embody prevents tension from building up in any one body part and promotes blood flow throughout the body, which in turn can help you think more clearly and feel more energetic throughout the day.

SAYL Chairs

The name of this chairs sounds like the word 'sail,' and you can see that image reflected in the design of the chair itself. This is a kind of 'streamlined' Herman Miller office chair, which dispenses with extras to create a final result which is both simple and comfortable. The most interesting thing about these chairs is that they incorporate design features to hold your weight which are similar to those used to create a suspension bridge.

One of the coolest things about the SAYL chairs is how environmentally friendly they are. The designer, Yves Behar, set out to create a chair that was both environmentally friendly and cheap. The solution? Being more economical with the materials used to create the chair, so there would be less cost to produce it and less waste left over when the chair is no longer of use. Simple thinking on the surface, but this led to a radical design that incorporates cutting-edge ergonomics into a lightweight, low-cost design.

Ambi Chairs

The Ambi line are the Herman Miller office chairs which look most like what we tend to think of as a 'typical' office chair, but there are still a few unique ergonomic features that lie beneath the surface.

The Ambi is essentially the contortionist of office chairs, able to twist itself into almost any shape as needed. It looks like a typical chair, but when you take all the adjustable features together, it can be shape into a total of almost 50 different positions. This high level of customizability means the chair is suitable for just about anyone, making it a good choice if you have to buy chairs in bulk to stock an office. The inflexibility of most office chairs to adapt to different body shapes and limb lengths is what often leads to back problems for office employees in the first place.

Ergon 3 Chairs

The Ergon 3 design is the 'original' ergonomic office chair - one of the first lines to apply scientific research on back problems and the spine to the design of workplace furniture. The most noticeable features of this shape are the contoured cushions. Where other Herman Miller off chair designs use highly flexible mesh materials to contour to your body, the Ergon 3 design includes molded cushions. While this is more comfortable for some people, others find the contours don't fit their body shape, so this is a factor to take into account before purchasing an Ergon 3.

Like the Ambi design, Ergon 3 chairs have a clean and professional corporate look, making them another good choice for an office environment which will have many standard chairs for desks or cubicles. The chair also includes natural recline postures that can be moved into easily with a gentle push.

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