Inada Massage Chair Review

So, you're interested in buying an Inada massage chair, but you're not sure whether it's the right brand for you? Inada is at the top end of the range, both in terms of price and quality.

But even though these are widely seen as premium chairs, you can still pick up a bargain if you're informed on what you're buying and know where to look.

The Inada massage chair company has long been a popular massage chair maker, having developed the very first robotic massage chair back in 1962. Since then, they've developed a wide array of products suitable for people with different needs and budgets. Let's look at what makes Inada different and the features of some of their most popular products.

Massage Therapy Chairs

When you buy an Inada massage chair, you're buying more than just a chair. These unites are designed to be a kind of home therapy session packed into a piece of furniture. There useful for helping to relieve stress and tension from muscles strains and injuries that are affecting you over a long time period. They can be useful for sports rehab. And on top of the physical benefits of an Inada massage therapy chair, there are huge benefits in terms of relaxation and better quality of life.

Inada massage chairs are state-of-the-art. How state-of-the-art? Well, consider for example that some of the more recent releases include voice activation technology - you can actually get your massage chair to speed up, slow down or change to a different style just by talking to it. That gives you an idea of why Inada have such a reputation for space age products.

Most Popular Massage Chairs from Inada

Let's get down to some of the key decisions you're going to need to make when you buy an Inada chair. One of the toughest decisions is simply: which one? There are many chairs in the Inada line, and many of them are very appealing. It can be hard to decide between a relatively basic, low-priced model and something a little more expensive with some fancier features.

For starters, take it slow and don't buy on impulse. You don't want your massage being ruined by a few pangs of buyer's remorse because you went $500 over your intended budget.

There are four different Series of chairs put out by Inada: ROBO, SOGNO, CUBE and i-Series. (If your attention is still back on where we mentioned voice activation technology, you'll want to look at the ROBO range - these are some of the most advanced chairs made by any brand).

The CUBE chair is one of Inada's most basic offerings, but for a fairly compact chair it's capable of delivering a lot of therapeutic value. The SOGNO line is a combination of high-tech features with luxury design and materials - at just under $7800 a unit for a new chair, these are the most expensive chairs offered by Inada (and most manufacturers, for that matter). The i-Series chairs are full-body products that offer a relatively low price option compared to the ROBO chairs (we say relatively, because an i-Series chair may still set you back upwards of $3500).

What makes the Inada HCP-D5 ROBO chair so advanced (apart from the voice commands, of course)? The design of the massage rollers in this chair is one factor that makes it special. The rollers are designed to move in fluid motions to give a realistic massage feel, as if you were getting a massage from a real professional. They're also pressure-adjustable, so you can get a deep tissue massage for a sports injury or something light and gentle to relax before bed.

But design is really just the beginning when you look at this chair. The real genius of this model is in the programming. The chair doesn't simply vibrate or rub your back in random motions. There are pre-programmed massage sequences which are designed to help relieve pain and heal injuries in particular body parts.

The SOGNO chairs are also designed to mimic the motions and even the body weight of a real masseur leaning on you - and considering the price tag, you'd hope it does a good job! This chair has one of the most comprehensive feature sets on any massage chair made by any brand, not just Inada.

Discount Inada Massage Chairs

You may already be aware that Inada chairs don't usually come cheap. But if you hunt around (even on Inada's own website_ you can find near-new or refurbished chairs selling much cheaper than what they would cost new. Now, you might prefer the 'pride' factor of owning a chair no one else has ever owned - but remember, by buying a used chair you not only save money, you save that chair from the scrap heap and do your part to reduce waste.

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