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We often don't put much thought into chairs until we have to buy a new one. That's when quality, unbiased chair reviews come in handy. It's only when you're faced with the decision between literally thousands of different types of chairs that you realize these pieces of furniture aren't quite as simple as you once thought.

There is a huge variety of shapes, sizes and designs available on the market today. Some chairs are designed purely with the fashion-conscious buyer in mind. Others are designed to give the greatest support and comfort to people with back injuries.

There are many unique chair ideas and designs described within the chair reviews on this site which you may never have even heard of - but one of these may be exactly the chair you've been looking for.

Healthy, Environmentally-Friendly Chairs

Here at Chair Advice, we're all about providing friendly, insightful and up-to-date information and reviews on the best chairs on the market. We emphasize good health and environmental friendliness - in other words, we focus on chairs that are both good for you and your body, and good for the world around us.

We'll tell you which chairs are produced using ethical methods and which are produced using morally questionable methods (for example, using unsustainable tree harvesting or low-paid and exploited workers).

Chair Reviews to Help You Get the Best Pricing

We're here to help you get the best pricing on the chair that suits your needs while also helping to participate in a better, healthier and fairer world.

Good chairs - ergonomic and fair-trade chairs that give you the best back support - can be quite an investment.

When you're shopping for a chair online, it can be very hard to tell what it's going to actually look and feel like once it arrives at your home. You don't want to buy a new chair only to find it doesn't live up to your standards once it's delivered.

That's where Chair Advice comes in. This website will help you 'get a feel' for each chair that interests you through the reviews of our pros and other chair buyers, before you commit to a purchase.

A Growing Health Problem

In the distant past, human beings spent most of their time engaged in physical activity. Our bodies weren't designed to sit still all day in the same position in an office chair - and yet that's what more and more jobs in our modern world demand of us.

Back problems continue to increase as more people have to spend their days hunched over a computer screen with poor posture. The result is that muscles in the back become weakened over time, putting the back at much greater risk of injury.

Without a good, ergonomic chair and regular stretches and exercises to help avoid injury, a typical office job is a recipe for disaster when it comes to your back.

We're here to help you avoid future back pain problems and deal with any existing injuries you may have, by letting you know which chair is best for you and what movements and chair exercises you can use to relieve yourself from pain and stiffness.

Not Just Chair Reviews

On this website you'll find a wealth of chair reviews, ratings and other facts to help you figure out exactly which chair would best suit your purposes. But that's not all this website exists for. There are other places on the web where you can find the 'raw numbers' - here, we want to give you more than just stale data.

We're here to provide you with our own expertise and analysis to tell you where each chair's strengths and weaknesses are. We're also provide advice on things like how to arrange your office desk, computer and chair in relation to each other and how to sit in order to avoid injury and strengthen your back.

We'll walk you through the whole process of assessing and buying the perfect chair.

Straightforward, Easy-to-Understand Advice

There's are plenty of chair advice websites out there, but many of them are written in a scientific or technical style which is difficult to understand.

You won't find a lot of medical jargon on this website. We've taken all that research and distilled it to make it easily understandable for anyone.

So stay a while, have a look around, and enjoy the vast array of information this site has to offer. And come back again later once you're sitting in a back-friendly, comfortable chair!

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