Massage Chair Ratings of Top Models

Massage chair ratings provide a helpful guideline for getting an idea of which chair combines all the features you need at the best price.

The following ratings will help you get a good general idea of how some of the most popular massage chairs measure up against each other. Chairs are rated based on factors like ergonomics, comfort, durability and affordability.

Massage Chair Ratings: Osaki OS-4000 - 4.5 out of 5

The Osaki OS-4000 is probably one of the first chairs you've come across in your search for the perfect massage chair. Although it's not the most advanced chair Osaki offers, it is widely seen as their best model offering a balance of price and high-tech features. In fact, many customers who buy this model feel they've got an incredible bargain and don't understand how the chair is so cheap.

When it comes to appearance, there are few other chairs that rival the space age sleekness of the OS-4000. The chair offers a 30-inch stroke length, giving it the ability to perform massages with long, rolling strokes rather than simply short sharp jabs or vibrations. This gives it a much more realistic feel.

The OS-4000 is one of the first chairs to make effective use of airbags for massage (rather than mechanical rollers), which further enhances the realistic feel. Rather than having solid objects rolling up and down your back, the OS-4000 uses air pressure to massage your muscles and joints.

Brookstone Massage Chair: uAstro Zero Gravity - 4 out of 5

The OSIM uAstro from Brookstone is another chair which manages to blend style, comfort and high-tech features at an affordable price. As the name indicates, this is a zero gravity massage chair - a chair that can recline fully, massaging you while your weight is entirely supported by the chair. (The position is actually based on NASA research - this is the position a human body naturally moves into when in a zero-gravity environment).

The chair is widely praised by consumers for being comfortable, relaxing, easy to use and durable. The wide range of settings means the massage can be 'personalized' a great deal to suit what you want. The only major drawback of this chair is the weight of the unit, which makes it difficult to move into place when first delivered or move around if you want to redecorate your home. If your primary desire in looking for a massage chair is to simply take a load off and relax each evening after a hard day of work, the uAstro is one of the best chairs available for that purpose.

Massage Chair Ratings: Elite Optima Deluxe Massage Chair - 4 out of 5

One of the most appealing features of this chair is the number of zones it can target individually all around your body. The chair includes features that can hone in on your calves, back or neck, and you can sub-target particular areas of your back. That makes this and appealing choice for anyone who needs a thorough, full-body massage on a regular basis.

Although it generally costs a little more than the uAstro (although you can find bargains if you shop around), the Elite Optima Deluxe has some cool 'bonus' features that make it appealing if you want to spend a little more for that extra element of luxury. For example, the chair includes a setting which links massage and music - as the music plays, the chair massages you to the rhythm of the song. In addition to nifty features like this one, the chair includes heat therapy which can be very useful for dealing with swelling and inflammation that results from sports injuries or conditions like arthritis.

Massage Chair Ratings: Sanyo HEC-DR7700K Zero-Gravity Massage Chair - 3.5 out of 5

We're getting a little further up the price scale here - these chairs are generally around the $4600 mark, whereas the other chair here are all in the $2500-4000 range. But despite the high price point, the Sanyo Zero-Gravity chair had to be mentioned. It has a few innovative features that you won't find on many other chairs.

This chair, like the OS-4000, utilizes air technology rather than robotics to give you a massage. Many people prefer the feel of air massage, since even the smoothest robotic arms usually feel like... well, robotic arms. Few people enjoy the feeling of being massaged by a robot, no matter how gentle it may be.

It doesn't score as highly because although it provides similar comfort, it's much more expensive than the OS-4000.

There's another big tick next to Sanyo's name when it comes to customer service, though. If you value having helpful support staff in the event that anything goes wrong with your chair or you need to order more parts, it's hard to beat the customer support structure that comes attached to this chair.

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Massage chair ratings provide a helpful guideline for getting an idea of which chair combines all the features you need at the best price.

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