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We've put together a series of massage chair reviews to help you find the best possible massage chair for your needs.

Massage chairs are popular these days, and the right chair can certainly help relieve aches, tensions and pain in your back and neck. But the popularity of these chairs has also led to the development of many low-quality models.

Not every chair with a few vibrating pads inside represents a healthy choice or good value for money. These massage chairs reviews will help you navigate your way through the minefield of making a massage chair purchase.

Massage Chair Reviews: Finding the Best Massage Chairs

There are many types of massage chairs available, but to find the best massage chairs that meet all your requirements it's a good idea to stick with some of the most popular brands.

Human Touch is one of those brands. This is a company which specializes in massage chairs (as opposed to a brand like Panasonic, which makes all sorts of electronic goods). Human Touch offer a particularly affordable option in the form of the iJoy-2300, which can be bought second-hand for under $400. That said, at the top end of their range they have high-tech new chairs for $5000 and upwards.

Panasonic and Osaki are two other big players in the massage chair market whose products you might want to consider. Inada, Elite and Sanyo are three other names to keep an eye out for.

You will notice as you research massage chairs that there can be massive differences in prices between various brands and even models within the same brand. Always make sure you check out the features of the chair and determine if you're getting value for money - don't simply make a purchase based on a brand name alone, because you may end up paying a premium without actually getting a better product.

Massage Chair Reviews: Back Massage Chair Options

There's a bit of variety when it comes to how massage chairs work, what they're made of, and what parts of your back they massage. Some massage chairs feel quite 'jarring' and really don't have much of a soothing effect at all. Others use a gentle circular massage motion, and some use heat to relieve tension in your back.

Again, you'll find there's a massive difference in prices between some massage chairs - this often comes down to the technology they use to massage your back. The very cheap ones often use a simple mechanism, such as a single vibrating pad. While these are cost-effective they are no good for targeting particular area of your good and may end up doing more harm than good. The most advanced chairs, on the other hand, can be programmed to give particular massage types that resemble the practices of a real massage - shiatsu massage or Swiss massage, for example.

Taking Stock of Massage Chair Ratings

When you're deciding on the best chair for you, ratings are an important factor to consider. Ratings can give you a clear idea of how popular a massage chair is with previous customers, as well as giving you insight into what experts think about the product.

Massage Chair Reviews: The Inada Massage Chair

One of the most popular and respected massage chairs amongst experts in the Inada. Inada have deliberately tried to position themselves at the top end of the market, producing super-luxurious recliner chairs. And when you see some of their latest designs - well, they look like they wouldn't be out of place in a Stars Wars movie or on the next space shuttle launch.

But Inada isn't just about fancy design. The company has been around for 50 years now and in that time they've built a reputation for producing real health improvement results for customers. Inada describe their products as 'therapeutic massage chairs,' and with millions invested in research and development over five decades, they're able to live up to that name.

Massage Chair Reviews: Coin Operated Massage Chairs

Looking for massage chairs to put in a store or office? Coin operated massage chairs can provide a solid extra revenue stream if you place a few of them in a waiting room. You often see these chairs in malls and airports.

When you're looking into investing in coin operated chairs, you need to keep comfort and safety at the front of your decision-making - not just cost. Comfortable chairs that leave people feeling better will get a lot more repeat use and end up being a better investment in the long run, even if they cost more. Good massage chairs tend to be found in the $2000 and up price range, but you can get a good bargain if you know what to look for.

Learn more about coin operated massage chairs, how they work, what they cost and whether or not they may be a worthwhile investment for your circumstances.

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We've put together a series of massage chair reviews to help you find the best possible massage chair for your needs.

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