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Buy a Safe and Healthy Lift Chair

A properly designed medical lift chair can help make life easier for a disabled person. While there are many low-priced and cheaply made lift chairs on the market today, if you have a serious condition it's best to have a lift chair which has been designed in line with sound medical principles.

The term 'medical lift chair' can refer to a few different products. For the most past, it refers to a normal armchair which has a built in mechanism that moves the chair so you can easily stand up and sit down without having to exert too much effort. But it can also refer to a lift mechanism designed to get someone in a wheelchair into a vehicle or upstairs. We'll touch on both kinds of chair here.

Finding a Good Medical Lift Chair

Let's first focus on finding a lift armchair when you have a medical condition. Now, obviously any given lift chair won't suit every medical condition, so it's best to discuss the issue with your doctor first - he or she may be able to recommend a good model for someone with your particular symptoms.

Once you have a clear idea of the kind of lift chair you need for your condition, you may want to take a look at a few of the following chairs.

Medical Lift Chair Pricing

What's a standard price for a medical chair? It really depends on the features you want. A basic chair will cost between $450-$650, typically. But there are chairs available in the $1000 range and well above that. If you're looking to spend a little more, you can get useful extra features like a zero-gravity recline position.

If you need a super heavy duty chair - one capable of lifting a person weighing up to 500 pounds - you may also have to prepare to pay a little more than bargain basement prices. There are chairs out there which can handle 500 pounds of weight, but you'll be lucky to find one for less than $800.

Easy Lift Chair from Mega Motion

The Easy Comfort Lift Chair from Mega Motion is a popular lounge recliner lift chair with a weight capacity of up to 375 pounds. It includes many of the same features you'd get on a chair bought directly from a medical supplier, but the price is lower than what you'd typically pay for a similar model at around $650. You can buy one of them from Walmart with a 1 year warranty.

Customers who own an Easy Comfort chair have praised it for living up to its name, pointing to its comfort and the ease of operation. The chair is a 3-position recliner and the covering fabric is microsuede, which many happy customers enjoy the feel of.

Med-Lift 1155 Medical Power Lift Chair

The Med-Lift 1155 is a fairly standard medical lift chair well-suited to an average budget. It's a 2-position recliner with a 325 pound weight limit. While not the most luxurious product on the market by any means, at around $500 it provides a good blend of comfort, durability and affordability. The chair is highly customizable in terms of the fabric covering you can choose, so you can actually pick a fabric that best suits your own comfort preferences.

Med-Lift offers many other options higher up the price scale, such as the Lift Chair and Sleeper 5555. This model folds right out flat so you can simply go to sleep rather than having to make the trek to your bedroom after a long hard day. The chair is a little larger and more spacious than the 1155.

Handicap Wheel Chair Lifts

As mentioned above, there's another type of medical chair lift: those designed to actually lift a wheel chair with a person sitting on it.

Medical lift chair

Vertical lifts are one popular option in this respect. These lifts are simply made up of a platform which the wheelchair can roll onto - at the press of a button the lift then raises up or moves down just like an open-air elevator. Vertical lifts are usually used in homes for bypassing small flights of stairs.

When it comes to vans or other vehicles, you'll need a slightly different product. These lifts need to be compact but still capable of handling a reasonable amount of weight. The lifts divide into two main categories: internal lifts (lifts inside the vehicle) and external lifts (outside the vehicle).

If the vehicle is quite small, you'll need an external lift which simply raises the wheel chair or scooter of the ground. The scooter or chair is then secured to the vehicle with straps. Internal lifts are generally a little easier to deal with, because the chair can simply slot into place inside the vehicle - there's not as much need for extra straps to secure it. On the flipside, if you have an internal handicap wheel chair lift you may have to fold up or remove detachable parts of the chair each time you stow it inside your vehicle.

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