Your Guide to Buying a Recliner Lift Chair

A recliner lift chair combines the safety of a rehab lift chair with the comfort and relaxation of a recliner.

For many people, a recliner lift chair represents the perfect piece of furniture to relax in during the evenings. One of these allows you to easily sit down and get back up if you suffer from a back injury or joint-related stress problems. The lifting mechanism means your hips and knees don't have to bend as much to go from sitting to standing, and vice versa.

At the same time, the recliner feature allows you to lean back and relax, allowing your weight to rest distributed across the entire chair. This means less pressure on sensitive areas like the lower back, because there isn't as much downward pressure on the spine when you lie reclined or flat on your back.

Let's take a look at what really makes or breaks a recliner lift chair, and some of the more popular products on the market in this category.

What to Look For in a Lift Recliner

Obviously comfort is going to be one of the biggest factors in your decision of which chair to buy - but what makes a chair comfortable? There are actually a number of things that determine whether you'll feel comfortable in a chair.

The stuffing or padding used in the chair is important - no only the material, but also how much of it there is. Not enough cushioning can mean you're too hard against the solid inner materials of the chair, which can cause discomfort. Also important is the material of the outer covering of the chair.

Some people prefer the feel of leather or vinyl, whereas others prefer a cotton feel or some other textile. Know your own preferences - think about which materials make you sweat, which ones make you itch or irritate your skin - and go for something you know will be comfortable for you personally.

The reclining and lift mechanisms themselves are also important. For extra, is the lift movement slow and smooth, or does it 'jerk' a little at the start and finish? Is the speed adjustable? How far back can you recline, and does the chair easily stay balanced and in position when you recline?

How many pre-set positions does the chair have? This is very important to know, because different seating positions are better suited to different activities - reading, watching TV, relaxing, sleeping and so on. All these actions require a different chair position to be comfortable.

Once you've answered these essential questions about your own need and expectations for a recliner lift chair, you can turn your attention to some potential options.

Top Lift Recliners

La-Z-Boy has long been a leading brand in the world of recliner chairs, and they're at the front of the pack when it comes to comfortable and luxurious recliner lift chairs.

One of La-Z-Boy's most well-known products in this category is the Rialto Luxury Lift Power Recliner. This is certainly not one of La-Z-Boy's top end chairs, but for someone looking for a moderately priced chair that provides plenty of comfort and basic reclining and lift features, this is a good option. However, if you're not a particularly tall person, be warned - some customers have complained that this chair is not well-designed for shorter people.

If you really want to go to the top end of the range and spare no expense, Pride lift chairs is where you want to look. Pride is a chair and mobility equipment brand which is widely considered the best in the business when it comes to lift chairs. A high-end custom leather lift chair from Pride costs upwards of $1100, but it's well worth it in terms of the chair's comfort factor and the amount of research and development that has gone into the chair's mechanisms to ensure a safe and healthy customer experience.

Recliner Massage Chairs with Lift Features

Want to buy a chair that will not only make it easy to sit down and get up, but which actually relieves tension from your back even as you sit? A few companies have managed to pack recliner chair, lift and massage features all into a single unit. If you already own a lift chair that does the job of helping you get up and sit down comfortably but you find you're still experiencing a lot of pain or stiffness while you're actually sitting, getting a chair with massage functions may be a good idea.

One of the most notable examples of this is the Clayton Luxury Lift from La-Z-Boy. Along with the same lift and recline features mentioned above in the Rialto Luxury Lift Power Recliner, the Clayton has built-in heat and massage features. This chair has brought a great deal of relief to people suffering from issues like herniated discs, obesity and leg or knee problems.

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